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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Bride

I stitched The Bride by Lavender & Lace four times
with some colour changes.

This is the first one I stitched in 1996 for my daughter.

This is the second one I stitched in July/2003.
I stitched this on black aida with some colour changes,
yellow flowers and green leaves.
It turned out so pretty. I was so pleased.

The third time I stitched The Bride was in Jan/2004,
with purple flowers in mirror direction.
I stitched this one for my niece’s wedding gift.

The fourth one is a pink version I stitched in Sep/2004.
It hasn’t been framed yet.
It is just sitting in my closet.
It will be for one of my three nieces,
which means I still have to stitch two more,
but my eyes are not getting better.

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