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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Holly Hobbie

I stitched seven Holly Hobbies in mid 2004. They are blue, red, green, yellow, purple, dark blue and orange.
It was so fun of changing the colours when I was doing these.
I have made them into cushions, and three were given away as gifts.

This year, I stitched one more with bright pink colours for myself. At the moment, this one is in a quilter’s hands, to make it into a bag for me.
Once it is finished, I will post an update. I can’t wait to get this bag.
Some day, I want to stitch more of these in different colours. Any suggestions??


  1. Those are fantastic. I used to have a Holly Hobbie doll and recently have been trying to get as much cross stitch patterns as I can find. I really want the Dark Red Christmas Holly Hobbie cross stitch but don't have enough experience to manipulate the blue colors for red yet. Anyway, you did some wonderful stitching. Debra Lewis

  2. Hello Helen,
    You have done an amazing job stitching all your Holly Hobbies in beautiful different colors!Your pillows are perfect! Thanks for sharing all your lovely stitching! ~ Sabrina