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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

8th Holly Hobbie

I again stitched Holly Hobbie, this time in pink version. It’s my 8th one and it turned out pretty bright pink.I used DMC, 155, 208, 318, 333, 367, 433, 436, 601, 603, 700, 702, 727, 728, 754, 792, 801, 898, 915, 917, 3607, 3608, 3689, 3750, 3787, 3814, 3842, 3843, 3865 and white.

One of my friends in Korea who does quilting made this one into a nice bag. I mailed this piece in March to Korea, and got it back last week.
I know it’s not easy to match the colours of fabric around a stitched piece, but she did a good job. I’m so pleased with this bag. I carried this bag yesterday to Church, and I received lots of comments


  1. Helen, this bag is adorable. And I can't believe you stitched "The Bride" 4 times! Amazing, and very beautiful.

    I came because I was looking for the Helen Hong who stitched the 10 Keychains posted in the Freebie Gallery...is that you? Several people were trying to locat the chart for the little lady in the bonnet! they are delightful, and so generous to stitch for so many friends :)

    Deb - debathome AT carolian.rr.com (please replace AT with @ if you reply)

  2. Thanks Deb. Yes, It's me. I e-mailed.

  3. Helen I love your color scheme on the Holly Hobbie. I have had this pattern in my stash since I was a teenager and thought about stitching this for my grand daughters one loves pink and the other purple. I have the colors you have listed and was wondering if you could send me the key to use on the pattern .... I just know they would cherish having this. thanks much you can email me at kgharigh at gmail.com (of course the at is and @)