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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Last Supper

I stitched three Last Suppers.
They are all different patterns, with different designs.

The third Last Supper I stitched was in 2002, design is from The Leisure Art leaflet #2768, and I gave it to my sister.

The second Last Supper I stitched was Omnibook Collection, designed by Jeanette Crews. I stitched this in 1996 to replace the one I gave my parents, but my younger brother wanted it, so I gave it to him

The first one I stitched was designed from Stoney Creek Collection. I stitched this in 1991 and made orininally for myself, but when my parents visited to Canada from Korea, my father liked it, so I brought it back home next time I visited Korea.


  1. HI Helen,
    I found your blog while googling The Last Supper by Jeanette Crews. This has been THE longest WIP for me. It is a gift for my parents. It was originally going to be presented on their 50th wedding anniversary, then on my mom's birthday which was yesterday(ironically the day you posted yours)
    I have long since lost the book and only have the pattern. I am nearly finished, with the back stitch and table top to go. Somehow, the items on the table dont look like anything to me. I must have made mistakes long ago. This part is discouraging me from finishing. There is too much there to rip out but yet not inspiring to finish. I wonder if you have a picture of that piece alone so I an take a closer look at the table top. I have a pic of mine taken a long time ago on my blog.

  2. Hi Helen,

    I also came across your site from googling The Last Supper by Jeanette Crews. I too am in a similar situation as the last poster. I had started this WIP a while ago before I moved out of state. Somewhere in the move, the original book got misplaced. I still have the pattern, unfortunately I do not have the color/symbol chart. I was wondering, if you still have the book, if there was any way you could take a picture of the symbol chart and email it to me. I would really appreciate it as I would love to start working on this gorgeous piece again. Thank you!!