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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Willowware Classic

About 10 years ago, I saw this project done by someone else, posted on the Internet. I really wanted to do this one, too, so I asked this lady if she could sell me the pattern, which was a kit. Instead, she just mailed it to me with no charge. I stitched it immediately and had it framed. I love it a lot. Since then, I stitched a few more Blue & White theme patterns. Somehow, I lost connection with the lady who passed on this lovely pattern. Special thanks to her.


  1. Hello Helen! I was thrilled to get your email this morning. And what a treat to see how you used some of my ornaments designs. Just beautiful. May I share the photo on my blog as I know others will love this.

    What a beautiful piece! I have blue willow coffee mugs and a large plate that I use for my quilt group each month. I wish I had more of this pattern and love the story behind it. Have you ever read the Legend of Blue Willow poem? I posted it on my house and garden blog once. This stitching holds all the charm of the pattern. Just beautiful and what a pretty frame!

    Hugs ~

  2. Yes, you may...it's my pleasure.
    I enjoyed stitching of your lovely patterns. I love Blue & White china too and have few of them. I'll check your House and Garden blog to read the poem....Big hugs from Helen