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Friday, November 25, 2011

Christmas Joy

Design is from a website freebie, but I stitched the J, O and Y separately and made them into pincushions. I attached long ribbons on the back of the pincushions and knotted them around the wreath to secure. I added some other ornaments, such as bells, poinsettia, drums, holly ivy, etc. It turned out great. This is a special gift for my reverend in my church.

I made two more wreaths for other reverends. I used the Christmas theme pincushions that I made last year and didn’t use, and were just sitting around. These were also from website freebies but I don’t know where. I hope they like these wreaths.


  1. I am sorry you stopped your blog. You have done lovely projects. You can contact me by rep,ting to my comment. I would like to chat with you about some of your projects.

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  3. Hi Julianne,
    Thanks for your visiting my blog. I emailed you.