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Friday, June 21, 2013

Purple Holly Hobbie Bag

I stitched a purple version of this Holly Hobbie and sent it to a quilter friend in Korea, to have it made into a bag. It's a very big size, 35X31 cm, and it looks like 3 bags in one. I haven't yet seen the finished bag in-person, as it was a special gift for my dearest friend, also in Korea. I hope she likes it. Special thanks Ttenzzand, best quilter I know. I used 898, 502, 209, 211, 700, 434, B5200, 208, 553, 604, 964, 754, 704, 726, 436, 3371, 433, 958, 210, 602, 3837, 3371, 801


  1. Hi Helen. What a beautiful bag! I have wNtedto stitch that chart for a very long time. I have it but I am wondering if you did a conversion to purple? Please e mail me. I also want to ask you about the fruit and vegetable baskets that you stitched. Luvstitchingatsbcglobal.net